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Over $1.2 Million Facilitated in Charitable Grants, Awards, and in-kind Support
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"Gate of Power" · 27888 USD
Empire Equilibrium Award
Empire 72 welcomes application/nominations for charity projects around the world. The Empire Equilibrium Award selects winning projects for their impact and strategic maximization of financial resources. We specifically encourage projects serving disadvantaged populations; hard-to-reach regions; undercurrent causes (misunderstood, misrepresented, or taboo issues); and underfunded causes. To nominate, apply, or receive more information, please email or send LOI to converge [at] empire72.com.
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"Skyfall Elixir" · 77000 USD
Empire Harmony Initiative
Public art donations to museums, galleries, community centers, and other public spaces. Empire Harmony is dedicated to long-term installations or displays which allow the general public or marginalized communities to enjoy the beauty of ceramic art. As an institution built upon exclusive custom-designs, Empire 72 actively seeks opportunities for our art to bring joy to the lives of many more. To start the conversation, please connect with us at converge [at] empire72.com.
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"In the Safe of the Heart" · private
The Songbird Lyre
Awarded to stellar individuals for achievements in their personal lives. This award is funded by WWII survivor Ms. King. Having lost her entire family at the age of 18 to the war, she changed her identity and name for survival. The new name, translated as "songbird lyre" in her native tongue, marked a new era in her life in which she lived in severe poverty - but became known for giving to the poor around her. She raised five daughters without the support of her veteran husband, and lived an extremely frugal life for decades. At the age of 89, she dedicated half of every penny saved over her lifetime to her grandchildren, and the other half to charity. In honor of her philanthropy, Empire 72 administers The Songbird Lyre Award to recognize other unsung heroes who has given much in their private lives. To nominate, or receive more information, please email us at converge [at] empire72.com.
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"Trade Route" · 55777 USD
Awards Overview*
All Empire award applications and nominations are now unified and open globally. The purpose of the awards is to allow us to maximize the long-term impact of winners akin to a fellowship; though there are various ways to achieve this goal, Empire awards provide one or a combination of the following concrete contributions to successful applicants:

Fundraising support (up to $32,000 value): fully-complete and certified pieces by Empire 72 will be made available to the successful applicant for fundraising. 100% of all proceeds are retained by the applicant. Previously only available to support non-profit fundraising under the Empire Equilibrium award, all winners are now eligible for direct fundraising support.

In-kind donations (up to $62,000 value): previously limited to Empire Nebula and Empire Dominion winners, all awards now may feature in-kind donations. These are determined on a project-by-project basis with the successful applicant, and historically have reached combined values up to $62,000.

Cash grants: ($500 up to $10,000): previously limited to the Empire Equilibrium seed grant, all winners may be offered cash grants to expedite their projects, especially when a gap in existing funding schemes, critical need, or strategic timing for intervention is proven. All cash awards are judged with the same criteria as the Empire Equilibrium award, and will be provided in a step-wise process.

If you have been nominated or are ready to apply, do not hesitate to contact us to arrange real-time, individualized guidance.
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"XCVII" · 21777 USD
Empire Dominion Award
Empire 72 welcomes application/nominations for artistic creations – including but not limited to visual arts, film, music, literature - which seek to revolutionize the foundations of life. Every artist understands that art has the potential to be life-changing; it is our goal to recognize art which is targeted at changing the lives of others. To view an example of an Award-winning project, visit [Aitios: the Annotations]. To nominate, apply, or receive more information, please email or send LOI to converge [at] empire72.com.
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"White Wind" · 3888 USD
Empire Nebula Award
Empire 72 welcomes application/nominations for start-ups or “life projects” with high potential for current or future philanthropic & social impact. This is an award open to all teams and individuals whose work or work-in-progress may not be recognized by other existing channels. To view an example of an Award-winning project, please visit [Immortal clan]. To nominate, apply, or receive more information, please email or send LOI to converge [at] empire72.com.

*By applying for or accepting nomination of any awards, Applicants and Nominees agree that any work reviewed by Empire 72 are original, and work for which they have all rights to. Applicants and Nominees must ensure that their work can be publicized by Empire 72 on any media without infringing upon any existing rights. Applicants and Nominees accept all responsibility for infringements due to their participation in Empire 72 activities.
By entering or attempting to enter the Awards, each Applicant and Nominee and/or purported Applicant and Nominee agrees to release, discharge, and forever hold harmless the Award Group Entities, and their respective directors, employees, and other representatives (collectively, the "Releasees") from any and all claims, actions, damages, demands, manner of actions, causes of action, suits, debts, duties, accounts, bonds, covenants, warranties, indemnities, claims over, contracts and liabilities of whatever nature or kind arising out of, or in connection with the applicant or nominee’s participation or attempted participation in the Awards, compliance or non-compliance with these Rules and acceptance, use or misuse of any prize.

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