Empire 72
Philanthropic Gifts

Each year, Empire 72 offers a small number of fully-completed and certified works valued between $700~60,000 USD to support charities and non-profit fundraising.

Philanthropic Gifts

Our commitment is to donate 100% of all proceeds.
Shipping fees aside, the process involves no application fees. Tax receipts optional.


All registered charities and registered non-profits are eligible (projects without official registration are considered on a case-by-case basis).

Successful applicant-organizations will be responsible for shipping costs. Handling costs are covered internally.

Where possible, Empire 72 will lend our human resources to collaborate in fundraising planning. However, please be advised that Empire 72 does not share its private client list.


1. No depreciation: successful applicant-organizations will strategize and implement concrete fundraising action to ensure no depreciation of the value of the work.

2. Specific focus: though historically Empire 72 works have supported general, organization-wide fundraisers, applicant-organizations which can accurately describe the specific area, project, or cause which the fund will be allocated for will be given special consideration.

Application Procedure

The submission process for the letter of intent is open through APEX, our youth leadership initiative: apex.metrovan [at] gmail.com.

For organizations which have not been invited to enter our private gallery of works for donation, an access code will be assigned upon receiving the letter of intent. Interviews will be arranged to ensure effective collaboration and maximized value of the donation.