E M P I R E 7 2


Due to volume of requests, current hand-manufacturing times are estimated at six months.
Please allow us to serve you first by email: converge [at] empire72.com.

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Give your Empire

Opulent hand-packing. Custom messages. We do it all, to ensure the beautiful act of gifting is as close to perfection as possible. Shipping worldwide available. We are also able to provide service to your loved ones in English, Mandarin Chinese, Norsk, Japanese, French, and German.

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Own an Empire 72

Let us know how to tailor your desired collectible: dimensions, colors, finishes, and unique accents are available through our friendly and refreshingly inspirational consulting sessions. Let your estate shine as what it truly is: the only one in the world.

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Learn more about our techniques, the inner secrets of our studio, and how we create each and every individual piece. Media inquiries welcome. To make a specific dream-project come true, we welcome you to discover what we can do. All roads lead to our Empire.