International Writing Competition

A global $2,000 USD award open to all writers

How To Enter

STEP 1. Submit: Email your story to arxcollect [at], with Entry fee waiver if desired.
STEP 2. Entry fee: If no waiver is submitted, you will only be required to submit Entry fee ($2.50 USD) after your story has been approved.
STEP 3: Publish: if selected as a finalist, your submission will be featured on the ARX COLLECTIVE portal for public voting.

Read & vote for the current Finalists on the ARX portal: #Mysecretfamiy and Last Night on the Isle

Visit our opportunities, grants, and funding portal.

The Grant

Eligibility: As a social venture dedicated to minimizing barriers, the ARX COLLECTIVE does not impose specific requirements for the Competitors (authors) or the submissions; in general, the submissions are short-story, up to novel-length fiction; other forms such as poetry and full novels will be reviewed. Regrettably, we are unable to review submissions in other languages at this time. Simultaneous and multiple submissions accepted*.

Award: funded by Empire 72 and Healcity, the competition grants a $2,000 USD prize every year to the top submission. Finalist entries will be published on the ARX COLLECTIVE website. Along with the winner, all published finalists on the ARX COLLECTIVE portal are eligible to share a portion of proceeds generated in future hard-copy publications. As published authors on the ARX COLLECTIVE website, authors may receive funding for hard-copy publication or library endowments similar to Aitios: the Annotations and Immortal Clan.

Deadline: October 14th, 2018. Early submissions will be published early on the ARX COLLECTIVE site as a finalist for accumulation of public votes.

Entry fee: a $2.50 USD entry fee per submission or FREE. All entry fees will go towards Empire 72's charitable initiatives. The entry fee is intended to limit the number of spam entries received. However, as the ARX COLLECTIVE seeks to minimize barriers for participation, this entry fee can be waived by completing a 400-word write-up (per entry) on how a specific ARX COLLECTIVE publication is relevant to the submitted story**.

Please stay updated on our upcoming OST ARX International Composition Competition and ARX International Art & Design Competition.

Format & Submission

we accept stories directly pasted in the email body to arxcollect [at]; no other messages are necessary. ARX COLLECTIVE is dedicated to never collecting any personal information in our activities unless absolutely necessary. If the formatting of the text is important, or if the length is too long, please submit as an attachment in PDF. If you require assistance on converting your file to PDF, please email us at the same address above.

Schedule and Public Vote

Finalists will be announced on a rolling basis. Public voting will commence as early as the first finalist is presented on the ARX website. Winners will be announced December 31st of each year.


The submissions will be judged by (in order of significance):

1) Impact, especially in the ability to empower readers for future action

2) Content, especially through bringing new perspectives to themes such as sustainability, justice, and the human condition

3) Literary merit and potential for film adaptation

4) Public vote


*By entering in the contest, authors agree that the submissions are original compositions for which they have all rights to. ARX COLLECTIVE acquires the right to publish submissions in on-line format. Competitors (authors) must ensure that their story can be published on the ARX COLLECTIVE portal (without infringing upon any rights) to be considered a finalist or winning entry of the competition. Hard-copy (paper) publications may be arranged with the consent of the authors on a case-by-case basis.

** The write-up is not on how the submission relates to the ARX COLLECTIVE, but vice-versa. The write-up must show familiarity with a specific ARX COLLECTIVE publication. A write-up is necessary for each individual story; a write-up may be rejected if it does not meet the single criteria listed above. Re-submissions of write-up's are allowed and encouraged. There is no upper limit to how many entry fee waivers that can be received by one individual author.

By entering or attempting to enter the Competition, each Competitor and/or purported Competitor agrees to release, discharge, and forever hold harmless the Competition Group Entities, and their respective directors, employees, and other representatives (collectively, the "Releasees") from any and all claims, actions, damages, demands, manner of actions, causes of action, suits, debts, duties, accounts, bonds, covenants, warranties, indemnities, claims over, contracts and liabilities of whatever nature or kind arising out of, or in connection with the contestant's participation or attempted participation in the Competition, compliance or non-compliance with these Rules and acceptance, use or misuse of any prize.

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