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The World's Best Kept Secret in Luxury Custom Art.
Over $1.2 Million Facilitated in Charitable Grants, Awards, and in-kind Support
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"Aeris Soul" · 17888 USD
Empire's Mark
We follow medieval traditions of purely hand-crafted & custom-built artwork - striving for the highest level of artisanal crafting in ceramic objets d'art.
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"Orb of Heaventree" · 8888 USD
Hidden Empire
Enriching private collections around the world for the past 20 years, each Empire 72 piece is designed to last as one-of-a-kind heirloom legacies worth passing down to generations into the future
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"Sole Ascent" · 27888 USD
Empire Estate
Since 2007, Empire 72 has discontinued all lines of factory pieces to focus exclusively on custom commissions. Each piece which bears the name today is guaranteed to be the only One in the world
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"Acacia, the Tea Set" · 777~1577 USD
Curate Your Empire
The mythical, the bizarre, the mind-blowing - Empire 72 handwork manifests fantasies and imaginations. We dedicate our craft to bringing your thoughts to life.

*2018-2019: Due to volume of requests, commissions are currently accepted by private invitation only.
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"Dynasty of Wind & Bone"
Major Award Winner:
[天宗] · Immortal Clan
[Read for free here.]

Empire 72 is grateful to recognize 13 years of investigations into the unsolved mysteries in ancient history, science, and technology, all streamlined into the short, simple, and irresistible book that is [Immortal Clan]. For its unrivaled merit in bridging perspectives and elevating discourse, we proudly present The Empire Nebula Award with $10,000 USD support.
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"High Dawn" · 10777 USD
Beyond Walls
Empire 72 offers philanthropic support in four award categories and two special initiatives:

Personal life accomplishments: The Songbird Lyre
Charities: Empire Equilibrium
Art, any media: Empire Dominion
Start-ups and "life-projects": Empire Nebula
University research: Empire Establishment
Public art donations: Empire Harmony
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Empire Dominion Award
Major Award Winner:
[ 77th Armageddon ]
[Visit Official Website Here]

Empire 72 is grateful to recognize [ 77th Armageddon ], a "most intellectual and endlessly-intriguing" contemporary web novel. Entertaining as a literary puzzle on its own, the novel is further bolstered by its intricate construction and invocations of human thought. As a prime example of an “artistic creation which shakes the foundation of life”, [ 77th Armageddon ] holds the highest-value Empire Dominion Award to date at $32,500 USD.
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In progress, "Bloodmace"
E72 Fellowship:
call for Board Members
Empire 72 seeks to recognize and be of use to the right applicants and nominees; at the end of the day, our award programs are crucial in allowing our art to have greater impact than private collection. The E72 Fellowship consists of members who help us identify nominees and maximize the utility of our award programs. If you are looking to be in a position to offer help and advance the arts, research, start-ups, or charities, please send your CV to: converge [at] empire72.com.
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"XLVIII" · 24888 USD
Empire Establishment Award
Empire 72 welcomes application/nominations for undergraduate and graduate students around the world. Awarded primarily for research creating tangible benefits in social equity, sustainability, and health, this award is judged in conjunction with Healcity.org, a global leader in advancing wellbeing through research & design. To nominate, apply, or receive more information, please email or send LOI to converge [at] empire72.com.

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